Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Website

I know its been a long time since I've written anything here, but I'm working on a new project that I'd like you guys to know about. Its a kind of social network, but a small more personal one rife with features and functionality, which I hope an online community will one day call home. The ideals that I hope it will be based on are quite similar to what I know sueno contigo's to be. I want it to be a place for dialogue on a range of issues that are important and pertinent to our lives, whether they are global or immediately personal. I want it to be a place where people can share the parts of themselves they find the most important. In most day to day circumstances we don't get the chance to share what matters to us the most, what we really love and enjoy, and what we pour our time and efforts into. I want it to be a place where every member feels they've gained or learned something from others they wouldn't have on their own.

Right now the site is still in development. If anyone here is interested on working on it with me, I'd be happy to partner with you and include you as an administrator of the site. Otherwise, right now we need to fill the site with quality content and dialogue, so once we start promoting the site and showing it to new people they'll see what we're all about and know that there's already an active community forming. If you'd like to sign in and post/upload some material, I'd greatly appreciate it, or even if you'd like me to send you an email once the site is fully launched and operational I'd be happy to do that. You could even copy & paste some old sueno contigo entries to the blog section if you'd like. Here's the site, I hope you enjoy it.

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