Monday, March 30, 2009


I have started a thing: I have donated at least $10 from each paycheck for a month now, and plan to for as long as I am working at BBY (what about longer?), to various things. First I gave $10 to, which asks for $50,000 every season, which is a lot of cashies, but they're a huge outlet for alternative press around the world. so I figured. At this moment I am deciding to whom I'll give $10 or $15. I'm trying to get to more local/grassroots organizations, as well as aid groups working abroad as well.

I figure: I spend money on stupid shit, at least this helps something? I haven't put a huge amount of thought into it but I conclude at least spending $10 meagerly helping some do-gooder organization is better than spending that same $10 on toys or junk candy.

Does this make me a good person, indirectly?

Anyone else donate?

Also, Adam, and anyone everyone, there's this album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix, that often sounds exactly like dancier newer Of Montreal, and I am loving to it.

Also, Adam and anyone everyone, where have you been?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some things

First, I found this to be a provocative quote (though I cant at all remember where I read it. . . ).

"What you yourself can suffer is the utmost that can be suffered on earth. If you starve to death, you experience all the starvation that ever has been or ever can be. If ten thousand other women starve to death with you, their suffering is not increased by a single pang: their share in your fate does not make you ten thousand times as hungry, nor prolong your suffering ten thousand times. Therefore do not be oppressed by "the frightful sum of human suffering"; there is no sum....Poverty and pain are not cumulative."


Another really interesting thing I read in Borges, which is the idea that you set out everything that will happen to you in your life before you are born. This contrasts slightly but importantly with the more common philosophy that every that happens to you in your life is set out by GOD (or any other entity or mystery that fulfills a similar role) before you are born. There are consequences of this that I could set out for you, but you will think of them and more interesting ones for yourself and then we will have a discussion about it. Please?

My parents ordered me a new computer and it may be here at sometime in the future several weeks. Hopefully within a month, for sure.

I am reading Le Morte de Arthur right now. It is kind of boring, and rather bizarre. The characters practically dont exist (as characters), and events happen in a really intensely quick sequence of semi-non-sequiters. It is alright, though. It makes me miss T.H. White's loose interpretation of it, though. I lent that book to a boy from Iceland, though. I have about 15 books left right now. When I get home, I will post a list of everything I read this year, because they have all been excessively good books.


Home Improvement

We created Home Improvement, and it's spoof:

Hope enjoyed!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tour from Space

Everyone will watch this four part tour of the international space station. Right now I can't say it's really relevant, but it is really interesting and inspiring.

Do it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Friends

Hello everyone,

I suppose I may owe an explanation of the fact that I have been only spottily connected to the internet for a very long time, and why I will possibly be in an even worse situation from now on. I am in an internet cafe now, because, though the house has internet, we no longer have any working computer. My computer died suddenly and tragically, in some sort of old age related incident. To all appearances, it simply forgot its mouse and keyboard drivers, rendering it useless. I am currently debating whether to revive it, buy another, or wait until I get home without a computer. Any advice would be accepted gladly.

I am happy here, with a new host family, not doing much but enjoying what I do. I have a new host brother, 19 years old, and that is very nice. I do read a lot, and I will possibly endeavor to write reviews of them at this internet cafe if there is interest.

I am sorry I haven't talked to you in such a long time, Sylvie. I would appreciate an email, if you write one.